Fantom Seahorses

A Collection of 888 Seahorses for 8 $FTM Each

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join us on our underwater adventures!

We are The Seahorse Generals

Natuna, Halmahera, Sawu, Arafuru, and Doctor Flores go on amazing adventures to defend Underwater Worlds from Human Pollution!

Natuna is the King of all the Seahorses, he comes from the Fanseas Royal Family with a vision of protecting the Ocean from the litter and trash spewed by the Human Invaders!

Halmahera is a little friend of Natuna, both of his parents are servants who have served the Fanseas family for centuries. Halma is blessed with the physical strength of a whale, and is Natuna's Guardian.

Doctor Flores is a reliable scientist and doctor of the Fanseas Kingdom! He transforms his fins into shark fins to allow for faster movement! Doctor Flores has cured various diseases suffered by Seahorses in this world like Exophthalmia.

Sawu is the Personal Advisor of Natuna, and is extremely intelligent. Sawu is also the Strategist of the Seahorse Troops, fighting back against Evil Polluters! He always wears a batik!

Arafuru is a Reconnaissance Seahorse, and over time he has proven a reliable agent, spying on the enemy. He has gone without sleep for 30 years to guard the troops of the Fanseas Kingdom. All he needs is his coffee!

An underwater collection

Fantom Seahorses

Fantom Seahorses is collection of 888 Seahorse Generals at a price of 8 $FTM Each.

Each Seahorse is stakeable to earn $DMD.

Fantom Seahorses were created to celebrate aquatic life while also bringing notice to the wide-scale issues regarding Ocean Pollution! Every piece of trash ends up in the ocean!
Use the trash can instead!

Stake your Seahorse!

Earn Passive Income with NFTs

You can stake your Fantom Seahorse in DarkMatterDefi Staking Pools to earn $DMD!

The Fantom Seahorse NFT Staking Pool is filled with 100,000 $DMD to be released over a one month period.

Each Seahorse has a Recycle Ability, allowing them to earn more than others! Recycle 10 yields 10x more $DMD than a Recycle 1! It pays to stay clean!


Jacky masnaka

Fantom Seahorse Artist

Jacky is an Engineer as well as a Graphic Designer, experienced in both 2D and 3D art and animation. Jacky Masnaka was the artist behind I-Coin and created the 3D Box Designs for DMD Boxed Generals. He has now decided to create his own collection to celebrate aquatic life and keeping oceans and rivers clean!


Jacky is the Chief Design Officer for I-Coin Global, creating Fully Animated, 3D Metaverse Characters!

Dark Matter DeFi

Jacky worked with the DMD Team to create the 3D Box Designs for the DMD Boxed Generals Series.

Seahorse adventures

The Journey Ahead

We are a small and honest team and we plan to stick to our roadmap. The roadmap is modest and within our skillset to accomplish. For us this is about raising awareness and appreciating good art. You have the Fanseas Gurantee that we will deliver on what we say.

Quarter 2

Release the Fanseas Kingdom
Marketing and Giveaways

Quarter 3

Begin work on 3D Seahorses
Beach and Trash cleanups
Begin Official Fanseas Story

Quarter 4

Release the 3D Seahorses
Refill Season 1 Pool
Release Fanseas Story